Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium


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Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium (also known as Al Rayyan Stadium) is located in Al Rayyan, which is close to the Qatari capital, Doha. It overlooks the impressive Qatari desert, which has vast dunes and an enchanting view of the horizon. The weather is not too hot since the World Cup Qatar 2022 will take place in winter. Also, the scenery and wildlife can be outstanding for short tours after watching the sports matches.

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium

This charming desert embraces this wonderful modern pearl, which opened its doors to visitors on December 18, 2020, on a fabulous evening, as the stadium hosted the final of the Emir Cup between Al Sadd and Al Arabi clubs, which ended with Al-Sadd winning after beating Al-Arabi 2-1. This stadium can accommodate more than 40,000 fans, and it is planned to host matches from the group stage to the quarter-final stage of FIFA Qatar 2022.

Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium was built on the site of another stadium that had the same name, but the new version is completely different as it has an undulating facade that reflects the connection of Qatari culture with seas and sand dunes. in an indication of the coastal and desert character that Al Rayyan city and Qatar in general enjoy.

Al Rayyan welcomes all football fans and enthusiasts from all over the world and offers them an opportunity to learn about the rich Qatari culture. In fact, the State of Qatar, and specifically the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, was keen to make this stadium a portrait that reflects the rich culture and history of this young country, as well as taking sustainability standards into consideration and designing the stadium in a way that protects nature and preserves the environment. For example, the stadium’s capacity will be reduced from 40,000 seats to 20,000 seats after the end of the tournament and the remaining seats will be dismantled and directed to football projects in developing countries.

What matches will Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium host in the World Cup?

Ahmed Ben Ali Stadium is scheduled to host several matches in the group stage and round of 16 as well.

How to get to Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium?

The stadium is only 20 kilometres from the centre of the capital, Doha. All spectators can reach it using the high-speed metro. The nearest metro station to this stadium is Riffa.

FAQ About Al Rayyan Stadium (Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium)

1. What is the capacity of Al Rayyan Stadium?

Al Rayyan Stadium can accommodate 40,000 fans, and this capacity will decrease to 20,000 after the end of the World Cup.

2. What matches will Al Rayyan Stadium host?

Al Rayyan Stadium will host matches in the group stage and round of 16 matches.

3. Are there hotels near Al Rayyan Stadium?

Yes, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants and cafes nearby and the best of them are the luxurious Al Rayyan Hotel and Doha Hotel.

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