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Qatar Camel Racing is an inherent part of the culture in Qatar and the Gulf Countries. It has been around for decades and is considered a huge touristic attraction.

In this article we will talk about this sport, and it’s camels as well as Al Shahaniya racetrack and betting on camel race.

Camel Racing: An Overview

Camel racing is considered a traditional sport in Arab countries, it involves camels racing over a predetermined course. It is also a popular sport in Western Asia, North Africa, Pakistan, Mongolia and Australia. A camel can run at a speed of 65 Km/h. Camels were controlled by child jockeys due to their lightweight, but this has been banned in recent years by many countries including Qatar and United Arab Emirates because it is considered against human rights. Therefore, in many modern camel races, these child jockeys were replaced by robots.

Facts about Racing Camels

The camel breed that mostly participates in these race is the Thalul Al-Hurra breed. These camels are known to be patient and strong and are able to tolerate difficult desert conditions.

Camels that are good for racing have some characteristics that distinguish them from regular camels. Such characteristics are light weight, big chest, long legs and tails and small palms. These camels are generally put on a special diet to rod them of extra fat. This diet mostly includes dates, milk, honey, grass and corn.

Al Shahaniya Qatar Camel Racing

Professional camel racing began in Qatar around 1972 Al Shahaniya is considered a major tourist attraction for foreigners as it hosts both domestic and international camel race tournaments. These races generally occur every Friday from October to February, HH the Emir’s Main Race is the biggest event it generally happens in March and April.

These camels are controlled by small-sized robots that are colourful and placed on the hump of the camel. These robots have whips and built-in speakers to use encouraging words to the camels.

Camel racing is a huge deal in Qatar and there is a TV channel especially for the broadcasting of these races both locally and abroad. Some spectators watch the race right outside the racetrack, though seating is also available inside.

At Al Shahaniya racetrack, which is located north of downtown Doha, you will have the opportunity to witness some of the most expensive camels in the world. Even if there is no race taking place, you are allowed to visit the stables from 9:30 am till 5:30 pm to watch the camels training.

There is also a virtual camel city near the racetrack where you can just hang out.

Camel Racing Betting

Now let’s get down to business, It is time to teach you a little bit about betting markets available for camel race.

Race Winner

Just like the title states, race winner means placing a bet on the camel that you expect to cross the finish line first and win the race.


You can place your bet on an even numbered camel (2,4,6,8…) depending on how many camels are racing, or a bet on an odd numbered camel (1,3,5,7…). If you place a bet on an odd numbered camel and one of these camels win, you win your bet. Normally these odd are at 2 so if you place 50 dollars you win 100 dollars.


With Exacta, you choose which camels will finish first and second in order. A Straight exacta is when you choose the exact camels that will finish first and second. An Exacta box bet is when you select multiple camels to finish first and second. This is less risky.


If you nailed the Exacta bets, why not try Trifecta. In Trifecta, you choose the camels that will finish first, second, and third in order. Much like Exacta there are 2 variations: A Straight Trifecta is when you choose the exact camels that will finish first, second and third. A Trifecta box bet is less risky. It is when you select multiple camels to finish first, second and third.

Now that we have covered everything you need regarding Camel racing, it is time for us at Online Qatar Casino to reveal the best online betting sites for you to bet on camels safely and securely in Qatar.

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