Top Three Qatari Hotels


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Although Doha has not yet attained a reputation parallel to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it has invested millions of dollars in the construction of skyscrapers, shopping centres, Qatari hotels and hospitality venues. What distinguishes Qatar is that its urban renaissance stems from its own culture and identity, even the World Cup stadiums are inspired by the desert environment, sea waves, pearls, and the Qatari thamamah! So, tourists will not find it difficult to get acquainted with the rich culture of this country from the first moment they visit it!

Since Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. The individual enjoys a very high income, it has long been associated with luxury, sophistication and lavishness. The Qatari per capita income is 62,000 dollars annually, which is the second-highest average income in the world right after Switzerland. As a result, all world-class seeking a branch in Doha. Also, international luxury hotels strive to enter the Qatari hotels industry. Although the cost of living is a bit high in Qatar, you will enjoy convenience and luxury almost everywhere.

There are many huge Qatari hotels where you can enjoy staying in hotels spread between The Pearl, West Bay and Banana Island.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Doha

Four Seasons Hotel Doha

The Four Seasons Hotel Doha operates under a license from the Four Seasons International Group. The room price per night starts from $270. You may be wondering why the price is so high, here are the features you’ll get! A private beach, 5 Olympic swimming pools, nine restaurants, a huge lobbies for parties.

The management of Four Seasons Hotel Doha takes care of everything from linens and poolside umbrellas to bathrobes and entrance halls. The hotel’s master suite features a grand ballroom designed in the style of traditional Qatari majlis, a grand piano made of glossy mahogany, a large dining room for VIPs and another room that accommodates for ten people.

2. Al Rayan Hotel Doha – Curio Collection by Hilton

Al Rayyan Hotel Doha operates courtesy of the prestigious Curio Collection by Hilton Worldwide. It surpass the standards of Qatari hotels as it combines the premium quality of the Hilton Collection with the unique taste of Italian pizza! There are plenty of offers on rooms, but the price for a night in a single one starts at $177 per night.

When you walk into one of the hotel rooms, you’ll know why their prices are so high! All rooms have large floor-to-ceiling windows, marble bathrooms, and spacious bathtubs. In other words, you will enjoy every minute of your stay and experience at one of the best Qatari hotels! You can also choose to spend your time at any of the private swimming pools or arrive at the nearby Mall of Qatar for shopping. You can also go to Moda Lounge on the ground floor for tea with your wife, family or friends.

3. Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli

Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli

Besides being one of the best Qatari hotels, the building itself is an impressive architectural feat, featuring luxurious surroundings and high-quality design. Heritage lovers will be lucky to spend their time at this hotel as it is located next to the historic Souq Waqif. This hotel consists of 150 rooms that offer varying levels of luxury and luxury, and the price per night in this hotel starts at only $100 and is able to cater to the needs of single guests, businessmen, families, and newlyweds who want to spend an enjoyable honeymoon.

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